December 04 2011 Sunday at 10:20 AM

Christmas Shopping

 Okay, I know I haven't done my own holiday shopping yet. I have gotten some to-be-broken-day-after-Christmas presents for my kids but the rest of my family is a big gaping hole in my shopping list. What to get my mother who has every knick-knack she will never need and my father who hates sports, man toiletries and doesn't wear a tie? The only thing that comes to mind is a pet iguana but I have a suspicion that that will be the wrong choice. Really, the best gift in this economy in the big bad world of mega commerce is a gift that supports a local artist and handmade goods. Clearly everyone should buy a handcrafted piece of Alex Story Jewelry for Christmas. I gave my own father an Emerald ring I made just for him when he turned 70 in May (see the photo on 'custom work' link) so I don't think he's getting more jewelry from me just yet. So that still leaves me with nothing but my pet iguana idea. Damn.