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Alex Story's earliest memories are of late nights with her sister at her family's off-off-Broadway theater, where her mother was an actress and her father directed. A child of the West Village, Alex spent her formative years exploring her urban surrounds in east village dive bars taking in local music and rebelling against - and eventually getting kicked out of - her upper east side school for having blue hair and colorful thrift store clothes. 

 Alex's unconventional path continued at Sarah Lawrence College, where she studied both creative writing and sculpture. While living abroad in London and Paris, she realized her true calling in sculpture, metal smithing and welding. Alex's use of the ancient art of lost wax, which she has practiced for nearly 15 years in her East Village workshop, speaks to her forceful vision, distinct point of view, and commitment to extraordinary craftsmanship.

 Alex's most recent work is inspired by both organic forms and traditional weaponry, which she has playfully reinvented as talismans against the assault of daily urban living. Each handcrafted work of art tells an authentic story, filtered through the diverse influences of her rebellious roots. From the deceptively feminine necklace adorned with Japanese throwing stars traditionally used for stabbing, to the characteristically forthright Claw ring and Axe pendant, these simultaneously graceful and grotesque pieces provide a glimpse into Alex's unique humor.

 Exposing the beauty in the barbaric is a signature element of Alex Story's fine art, as are geometric shapes, architectural lines, and unusual textures hand forged from precious metals. In every instance, Alex's work bears the unmistakable aesthetic of her urban upbringing. She suggests that this vision might never have been realized had she lived a provincial life.

Featured in national fashion magazines and blogs, Alex's work can be found in NoLita and East Village boutiques. If you have a special concept in mind, Alex enjoys thinking outside the brass knuckles while collaborating with clients to create custom jewelry with enduring significance.


Lost-wax casting, sometimes called by the French name of cire perdue (from the Latin cera perduta) is the process by which a metal (such as silvergoldbrass or bronzesculpture is cast from an artist's sculpture. Intricate works can be achieved by this method, primarily depending on the carver's skills. In industrial uses, the modern process is called investment casting. An ancient practice, the process today varies from foundry to foundry, but the steps which are usually used in casting small bronze sculptures in a modern bronze foundry are generally quite standardized.

Other names for the process include "lost mould," which recognizes that other materials besides wax can be used, including tallowresintar, and textile; and "waste wax process" or "waste mould casting", because the mould is destroyed to unveil the cast item. Other methods of casting include open casting, bivalve mould, and piece mould. Lost-wax casting was widespread in Europe until 18th century, when a piece-mold process came to predominate.

- From Wikipedia 

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