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New Designs Coming Soon!

It's been a long and cold winter, which happens to be great for working in the studio. 

Please check back soon - I'll be debuting several new designs in the coming weeks. 

New to the collection will be; belt buckles, earrings along with new rings and necklace designs. 


Canadian Contest is doing a sweet contest to promote my jewelry. Check out what they've written about Alex Story Jewelry and check out their nifty site!

Christmas Shopping

 Okay, I know I haven't done my own holiday shopping yet. I have gotten some to-be-broken-day-after-Christmas presents for my kids but the rest of my family is a big gaping hole in my shopping list. What to get my mother who has every knick-knack she will never need and my father who hates sports, man toiletries and doesn't wear a tie? The only thing that comes to mind is a pet iguana but I have a suspicion that that will be the wrong choice. Really, the best gift in this economy in the big bad world of mega commerce is a gift that supports a local artist and handmade goods. Clearly everyone should buy a handcrafted piece of Alex Story Jewelry for Christmas. I gave my own father an Emerald ring I made just for him when he turned 70 in May (see the photo on 'custom work' link) so I don't think he's getting more jewelry from me just yet. So that still leaves me with nothing but my pet iguana idea. Damn. 

Gay Wedding Bands

 I'm so thrilled that gays and lesbians can get married in New York City now! I'm dying to make my first set of wedding bands for a gay New York wedding. Please, if you're gay and tying the knot, come to me for a set of one of a kind wedding bands that will display your love boldly and beautifully!

New work

While visiting Gloucestershire this summer, we stayed with Thomas' family. Thomas' cousin Alf had a collection of World War I artifacts. This is a German hand grenade - a practice dummy - but still very cool! Keep checking back to the site to see Alf's Grenade necklace! **click the post title to see the image**


Welcome to the new Alex Story Jewelry website. I'm really please to have this new site updated with a proper shopping cart that securely accepts all major credit cards.  I've also added a nifty toll-free telephone number so that you can contact me anytime to ask about my work, to inquire about an order, or to discuss a commission for a special piece of jewelry. 


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